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Calle 44, Barquisimeto 3001, Venezuela
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There are approximately 1,375 registered profiles from Barquisimeto, Lara. Including surrounding areas of Los Rastrojos (10 Km), Yaritagua (23 Km), Quibor (35 Km), Chivacoa (48 Km), Araure (56 Km), Acarigua (57 Km), El Tocuyo (59 Km), San Felipe (72 Km), Carora (81 Km), Nirgua (84 Km), Villa Bruzual (84 Km), San Carlos (93 Km), Tinaquillo (114 Km), Guanare (122 Km), Moron (132 Km), Tucacas (137 Km), Trujillo (143 Km), Valencia (146 Km), Chichiriviche (150 Km), Puerto Cabello (151 Km), Coro (152 Km), Tacarigua (154 Km), Guacara (159 Km), Valera (161 Km), Guigue (169 Km), San Joaquin (170 Km), Mariara (179 Km), Barinitas (186 Km), El Limon (188 Km), Barinas (188 Km), Alto Barinas (190 Km), Maracay (191 Km), Palo Negro (194 Km), Punta Cardon (200 Km), Villa de Cura (202 Km), Turmero (204 Km), there are approximately 11,829 members and growing daily. Browse Lara Sex Shop for more nearby cities.
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