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Avenida Alberto Sampaio 32, 4810 GuimarĂ£es, Portugal
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There are approximately 61 registered profiles from Guimaraes, Braga. Including surrounding areas of Urgeses (2 Km), Candoso (2 Km), Ponte (5 Km), Brito (5 Km), Sande (5 Km), Selho (5 Km), Aroes (6 Km), Serzedo (6 Km), Caldas de Vizela (7 Km), Vizela (7 Km), Ronfe (7 Km), Moreira de Conegos (7 Km), Vilarinho (8 Km), Fafe (9 Km), Lordelo (10 Km), Joane (10 Km), Margaride (11 Km), Lustosa (11 Km), Barrosas (12 Km), Aves (12 Km), Galegos (14 Km), Figueiro (15 Km), Povoa de Lanhoso (15 Km), Ferreiros (16 Km), Braga (16 Km), Oliveira (16 Km), Carvalhosa (17 Km), Freamunde (17 Km), Real (18 Km), Adaufe (18 Km), Santo Tirso (18 Km), Antas (18 Km), Pacos de Ferreira (19 Km), Vila Nova de Famalicao (19 Km), Serzedelo (19 Km), Ferreira (20 Km), there are approximately 631 members and growing daily. Browse Braga Sex Shop for more nearby cities.
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